About Our Blog

The Drexel Agency Blog is a way for our agency to reach out to our customers in the new world of social media and blogging. While we’ve been around since 1962, our agency has only started imprinting its digital footprint. Since the late 2000s, we have added pages to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Now, this blog is the next step in keeping with the times, giving us another unique opportunity to interact with our customers and grow as both an agency and as individual agents.

This blog will have announcements, information about the products and lines of business we specialize in, etc. but will also be a hub where our agents and employees can share their own personal stories, hobbies and life experiences.

The blog will also occasionally feature spotlights on our customers, so if you are a customer who wants to participate and our marketing manager hasn’t touched base with you, please reach Ryan at ryan@drexelagency.com.

For the much more professional scope of our agency and services, please click here for our official company homepage.

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