The Storms of Summer

On Tuesday June 23, the Philadelphia are was ravaged by storms. One of the bigger areas affected by those storms was Delaware County, which is both the home to our office as well as the homes of our agents.

That evening, as is with most evenings, my wife and I met at Planet Fitness in Aston for a pre-dinner workout. During the course of our workouts, the TV screens were all focused on a severe thunderstorm hitting our area. Just as we turned our heads to look out of the large glass windows, the sky opened up. Heavy downpour, significant winds, and finally, a power outage.

We continued to exercise, believing the conditions to be too dangerous to even think about driving home. Wise move. After 20 minutes, the storm let up, and we were able to leave and head home. The trip normally takes between 5 and 10 minutes. On this day, the commute lasted over and hour.

Tree were down everywhere, in many cases pulled up from their roots. Cars spun off of the side of the road. Complete standstills. Power lines on the ground, sometimes dancing around or starting small fires in the trees that didn’t call.

When we finally got home, we were fortunate to haven no damage, however we had no power. Our outage lasted through Friday evening, and we lost almost everything in our freezer and refrigerator, with the exception of our wedding cake which we were able to salvage thanks to some advice from an insured, as well as the freezer space of our family.

Our office was closed on Wednesday June 24 and without Internet on Thursday June 25. Thank you for your patience during this setback.

Thank you to the firemen, police and PECO employees who responded and eventually cleared up the mess and/or restored power.

Most importantly, thank you to people who reached out offering spare bedrooms, freezer space, company and even the random areas near our home where neighbors stood out on the sidewalk and directed traffic through their developments. As an insurance company, we are in a field where we are here to protect people from losses and to help them recover in the event of those losses. It is a service we provide. It was wonderful to experience that assistance for ourselves and to see others sharing in that service during this hardship.

– Ryan

Click any of the pictures for some of our first-hand accounts dealing with the storm and the outages.

20150623_174739 20150623_174746 20150623_195952 20150624_085115 20150624_085129 20150624_085321 20150625_165447


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