Insuring Your Best Friend

No. Not your human best friend.


I didn’t meet my first animal companion until I was in my 20s. He was a scrappy little Boston Terrier puppy named Tico, and was the first animal that anyone in our family had. We’d grown up with fish here and there, but never had any cats or dogs, so Tico was a big deal for not only myself, but for the rest of the family. He was a highlight for almost every visit to see my parents, who could enjoy playing with him as much as they could simply laying down with him.

After a year or so, Tico developed some internal problems that even to this day, no one has figured out. He could not keep his food down and was naturally have issues keeping his weight on. As it turned out (at first anyway), Tico had a hernia in his diaphram, which meant surgery — costly surgery. But any pet owner is going to tell you the same thing: “Money is no object. I love this animal.”

The cost of even attempting to find out what was wrong with Tico was a lot to bear. Even following surgery, Tico never really regained his weight. He was also unable to eat normal dog food and was only allowed to eat prescription dog food. There were options to cut him open again and try to figure out what else was wrong with him, but his quality of life would have suffered.

Tico passed away suddenly in May 2011, living to only the age of six. Up until the end, he was as healthy as he could be, energetic and always happy, friendly and an all around good dog. The subject of his abrupt passing is still hard for me to talk about, and frankly this wasn’t easy to write in one sitting.

The point of this post though is to tell our readers about pet insurance. No, this isn’t a sales pitch. We don’t sell the product. But after going through doctor’s visits, surgery and multiple tests and cases of “special” food, I know the costs associated with keeping your K-9 in good health and with a good quality of life and I can’t recommend the coverage enough.

Had Tico been insured, I would not have spent most of my life’s savings trying to save┬áhim. And maybe, if he had gotten to a good enough place and the doctors had some idea what we were dealing with, they could have done more to cure him. Not insuring him is truly my only regret.

IMG_1504My fiance and I welcomed our first dog together (Emma) into our lives a few months after Tico’s passing, and the very first thing I did was take out an insurance policy on her with Pet Plan. As far as experience is concerned, I can’t speak for any other provider. We did our own price comparison, as well as a benefits comparison, and Pet Plan worked for us, Emma and our budget.

For more information, check out

– Ryan


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